Prospects for a multi-TeV gamma-ray sky survey with the LHAASO water Cherenkov detector array
FAharonian1; VAlekseenko3; An Q(安琪)4; Axikegu5; Bai LX(白立新)6; Bao YW(包逸炜)7; DBastieri8; Bi XJ(毕效军)9; Cai H(蔡浩)12; Cao Z(曹喆)4; Cao Z(曹臻)9; Chang J(常进)13; Chang JF(常劲帆)9; Chang XC(常潇川)9; Zhao SP(赵世平)14; Chen BM(陈宝民)15; Chen J(陈建)6; Chen L(陈良)9; Chen L(陈亮)16; Chen ML(陈玛丽)9; Chen MJ(陈明君)9; Chen QH(陈起辉)5; Chen SH(陈素弘)9; Chen SZ(陈松战)9; Chen TL(陈天禄)17; Chen XL(陈秀林)9; Chen Y(陈阳)7; Cheng N(程宁)9; Cheng YD(程耀东)9; Cui SW(崔树旺)15; Cui XH(崔晓红)18; Cui YD(崔昱东)19; BZDai20; HLDai9; ZGDai7; Danzengluobu17; BDEttorre9; Piazzoli21; JFang20; Fan JH(樊军辉)8; Fan YZ(范一中)13; Feng CF(冯存峰)14; Feng L(冯莉)13; Feng SH(冯少辉)9; Feng YL(冯有亮)13; Gao B(高博)9; Gao Q(高启)17; Gao W(高卫)14; Ge MM(葛茂茂)20; Geng LS(耿利斯)9; Gong GH(龚光华)22; Gou QB(苟全补)9; Gu MH(顾旻皓)9; Guo YQ(郭义庆)9; Guo YY(郭莹莹)9; Han YA(韩毅昂)23; He HH(何会海)9; He JC(何坚承)9; MHeller24; He SL(何思乐)8; He Y(何钰)5; Hou C(侯超)9; Huang DH(黄代绘)5; Huang QL(黄秋兰)9; Huang WH(黄文昊)14; Huang XT(黄性涛)14; Hu HB(胡红波)9; Hu S(胡森)6; Jia HY(贾焕玉)5; Jiang K(江琨)4; Ji F(纪方)9; Jin C(靳超)9; Ji XL(季筱璐)9; KLevochkin3; Liang EW(梁恩维)25; Liang YF(梁云峰)25; Li C(李澄)4; Li C(李骢)9; Li F(李飞)9; Li H(李辉)15; Li HB(李海波)9; Li HC(李会财)9; Li HM(李鸿明)22; Li J(李捷)9; Li K(李凯)9; Li WL(李文龙)14; Li X(李新)5; Li XR(李秀荣)9; Li Y(李尧)6; Li Z(李哲)9; Li Z(黎卓)26; Liu B(刘冰)7; Liu C(刘成)9; Liu D(刘栋)14; Liu HD(刘海东)23; Liu H(刘虎)5; Liu J(刘佳)9; Liu JY(刘金艳)9; Liu MY(刘茂元)17; Liu RY(刘若愚)7; Liu SM(刘四明)13; Liu W(刘伟)9; Liu YN(刘以农)22; Liu ZX(刘彰兴)6; Long WJ(龙文杰)5; Lu R(鲁睿)20; Lv HK(吕洪魁)9; Ma BQ(马伯强)26; Ma LL(马玲玲)9; Mao JR(毛基荣)27; AMasood5; Ma XH(马欣华)9; WMitthumsiri28; TMontaruli24; Nan YC(南云程)14; PPattarakijwanich28; Pei ZY(裴致远)8; Qiao BQ(乔冰强)13; Qi MY(齐孟尧)9; DRuffolo28; VRulev3; ASiz28; Shao L(邵琅)15; OShchegolev3; Sheng XD(盛祥东)9; Shi JY(石京燕)9; YStenkin3; VStepanov3; Sun ZB(孙志斌)29; Tan BX(谭柏轩)19; Tang ZB(唐泽波)4; Tian WW(田文武)18; DDVolpe24; Wang C(王超)29; Wang H(王辉)5; Wang HG(王洪光)8; Wang JC(王建成)27; Wang LY(王玲玉)9; Wang W(王为)19; Wang W(王伟)12; Wang XG(王祥高)25; Wang XY(王祥玉)7; Wang XJ(王晓洁)9; Wang YD(王玉东)9; Wang YJ(王岩瑾)9; Wang RN(王润娜)5; Wang YP(王亚平)9; Wang Z(王铮)9; Wang ZH(王忠海)6; Wang ZX(王仲翔)16; Wei DM(韦大明)13; Wei JJ(魏俊杰)13; Wen T(文涛)20; Wu CY(吴超勇)9; Wu HR(吴含荣)9; Wu S(武莎)9; Wu WX(吴文雄)5; Wu XF(吴雪峰)13; Xiang GM(项光漫)16; Xiao G(肖刚)9; Xin GG(辛广广)12; Xing Y(邢祎)16; Xu RX(徐仁新)26; Xue L(薛良)14; Yan DH(闫大海)27; Yang CW(杨朝文)6; Yang FF(杨冯帆)9; Yang LL(杨莉莉)19; Yang MJ(杨明洁)9; Yang RZ(杨睿智)4; Yang SB(杨深邦)20; Yao YH(姚玉华)6; Yao ZG(姚志国)9; Ye YM(叶一锰)22; Yin LQ(尹丽巧)9; Yin N(尹娜)14; You XH(游晓浩)9; You ZY(游智勇)9; Yuan Q(袁强)13; Yu YH(于艳红)14; Jiang ZJ(姜泽军)20; Ceng HD(曾厚敦)13; Ceng TX(曾婷轩)9; Ceng W(曾玮)20; Ceng ZK(曾宗康)9; Cha M(查敏)9; Zhang BB(张彬彬)7; Zhang HM(张海明)7; Zhang HY(张恒英)14; Zhang JL(张建立)18; Zhang JW(张进文)6; Zhang L(张力)20; Zhang PF(张鹏飞)20; Zhang PP(张佩佩)15; Zhang SR(张少如)15; Zhang SS(张寿山)9; Zhang X(张潇)7; Zhang XP(张笑鹏)9; Zhang Y(张毅)9; Zhang Y(张勇)9; Zhang YF(张云峰)5; Zhao B(赵兵)5; Zhao J(赵静)9; Zhao L(赵雷)4; Zhao LZ(赵立志)15; Zheng F(郑福)29; Zheng Y(郑应)5; Zhou JN(周佳能)16; Zhou P(周平)7; Zhou R(周荣)6; Zhou XX(周勋秀)5; Zhu CG(祝成光)14; Zhu FR(祝凤荣)5; Zhu H(朱辉)18; Zhu KJ(朱科军)9; Zuo X(左雄)9
Source Publication中国物理C:英文版
AbstractThe Water Cherenkov Detector Array(WCDA) is a major component of the Large High Altitude Air Shower Array Observatory(LHAASO), a new generation cosmic-ray experiment with unprecedented sensitivity, currently under construction. WCDA is aimed at the study of TeV γ-rays. In order to evaluate the prospects of searching for TeV γ-ray sources with WCDA, we present a projection of the one-year sensitivity of WCDA to TeV γ-ray sources from TeVCat using an all-sky approach. Out of 128 TeVCat sources observable by WCDA up to a zenith angle of 45°, we estimate that 42 would be detectable in one year of observations at a median energy of 1 TeV. Most of them are Galactic sources, and the extragalactic sources are Active Galactic Nuclei(AGN).
KeywordTeVγ-ray astronomy observational prospect LHAASO-WCDA
WOS IDWOS:000541791500001
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Document Type期刊论文
Affiliation1.Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies,Ireland
3.Institute for Nuclear Research,Russian Academy of Sciences,Moscow,Russia
5.School of Physical Science and Technology,Southwest Jiaotong University,Sichuan
8.Center for Astrophysics,Guangzhou University,Guangdong
9.Institute of High Energy Physics,Chinese Academy of Sciences
11.TIANFU Cosmic Ray Research Center,Chengdu,Shichuan
12.School of physics and technology,Wuhan university
13.Key Laboratory of Dark Matter and Space Astronomy,Purple Mountain Observatory,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Jiangsu
14.Institute of Frontier and Interdisciplinary Science,Shandong University,Shandong
17.Key Laboratory of Cosmic Rays(Tibet University
18.National Astronomical Observatories,Chinese Academy of Sciences
21.Dipartimento di Fisica dell'Universit\a di Napoli"Federico II",Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant'Angelo,via Cinthia,Italy
23.School of Physics and Engineering,Zhengzhou University,Henan
24.Département de Physique Nucléaire et Corpusculaire,Facultéde Sciences,Universitéde Genéve,Geneva,Switzerland
25.Shool of Physics and Technology,Guangxi University,Guangxi
26.School of Physics,Peking University
27.Yunnan Astronomical Observatories,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Yunnan
28.Department of Physics,Faculty of Science,Mahidol University,Bangkok,Thailand
29.National Space Science Center,Chinese Academy of Sciences
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GB/T 7714
FAharonian,VAlekseenko,An Q,et al. Prospects for a multi-TeV gamma-ray sky survey with the LHAASO water Cherenkov detector array[J]. 中国物理C:英文版,2020,44.0(006):123.
APA FAharonian.,VAlekseenko.,安琪.,Axikegu.,白立新.,...&左雄.(2020).Prospects for a multi-TeV gamma-ray sky survey with the LHAASO water Cherenkov detector array.中国物理C:英文版,44.0(006),123.
MLA FAharonian,et al."Prospects for a multi-TeV gamma-ray sky survey with the LHAASO water Cherenkov detector array".中国物理C:英文版 44.0.006(2020):123.
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